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Goodbye “LBD”? Hello, Power Dress in Color!

By SterlonStyle — September 09, 2013

Let’s talk, color vs. black.

While styling one of my clients who works in a bank, she had what most women in New York City have –  a sea of black in her closet. “Why not add some color?” I suggested. She wasn’t sure how, so I shopped with her and showed her. With just 4 new dresses in an array of colors, we added a whole new dimension to her career-wear, and mixed and matched with her existing black suitings. Simply her black jacket and cardigan with a bright dress gave her a whole new attitude.

I explained when to wear a dress in color instead of black, like a networking event or even date-night. You will call attention in color before saying a word. My client felt so much more positive and confident with her uplifted every day appearance, she wanted to share this enthusiasm with her co-workers. It wasn’t planned. One day, it just came out of her at work. “I love wearing less black, and more color!” she declared… and realized that both of the  women she was saying this to were wearing…well, black.

Now how would you feel if a woman in your office said this to you? Would you be offended, and take it personally?

At first, perhaps, yes. Just like any new idea, at first it is feared and then it grows. I applaud her. She planted the seed and actually allowed these women to think to themselves, “yeah black can be so serious and somber….all these men in their black suits…we’re women doing business, not going to a funeral!” She may have sounded judgmental at first, but that was not her intention. Really she just wanted to share how it changed her outlook and encourage her female co-workers to do the same.

There is a power behind COLOR

Yes black is the New York uniform and seems it always will be. Black is like a shield from the urban elements, the fast talk, fast taxis, fast business, fast pace etc. It is our armor, our uniform. There is a time and place for black, definitely. But why conform and wear the uniform? Stand out from the crowd in COLOR!

Red is strong and ready for action.

Purple is luxurious and inspires creativity.

Deep Blue conveys collected confidence.

Emerald Green evokes well-being, balance, and prosperity.

Fuchsia pink is feminine and passionate…and is my personal favorite. Why? I think it is one of the colors that looks best on all women’s complexions as it adds a natural glow to your cheeks. And well, have you ever seen a man wear fuchsia? Very few. I am actually on a mission to document when a man wears fuchsia pink (an interesting man indeed!) I think it is a color that women really possess and flaunt. Put into practice the “Power of Pretty,” ladies!

We all need that necessary LBD – the Little Black Dress.*

*Side note: one thing I want to eliminate is the word “Little” from that phrase. Why should we play “little?”

Play big! I like to call it the POWER DRESS – and my challenge to you if you so choose to accept it, is wear it in a bold new COLOR!

Looks from the designer runway at mytheresea.com

colorful dresses


Looks from Nordstrom for under $200: Nordstrom offers completely free shipping and returns. They also include a fit video to guide you through measurements, so you can select the correct size. Choose a shape that flatters your figure: A-line for curvier bottoms. A sheath with tucks in all the right places if you are more rich in the middle. Hourglass can go for a fitted silhouette to define the waistline. Then choose a color that allows your true self to shine!

nordstroms dresses in a row

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