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Motivational Monday with Gurjot Sidhu

By SterlonStyle — September 24, 2013

I recently attended a unique event at a gorgeous showroom where a woman can be pampered in her own elegant style suite and buy clothing that is made-to-measure or ready-to-wear from a collection of, by, and for women.

Meet the brains & beauty behind the collection, Gurjot Sidhu. I absolutely love that her mission is in alignment with my own: to empower women with style. She redefines what is means to feel confident in your clothes by creating your best fitting pant and includes a “secret pocket” in your power jacket. Her collection includes updated basics you can build on, and always a pop of color in luxurious silk blouses and linings.

Gurjot was kind enough to find a New York minute to answer some questions for Motivational Monday to fuel you to get through your busy work week!

GetAttachment.aspxA Chicago native and long-time New York resident, Gurjot Sidhu founded Gurjot New York out of her passion to see women professionals excel in the workplace.

Recognizing the lack of high-quality, relevant businesswear available in the market, Gurjot combined her experience and interests to design a line of custom workwear that conveys power, style and success. After receiving her MBA from the University of Chicago, Gurjot had a successful career in management consulting for the banking, technology and retail industries, ultimately running her own boutique ecommerce strategy consulting firm in New York City.

What motivated you to start the Gurjot collection?
My mission is to advance women in the workplace by dressing them impeccably.  Our clothing is about creating a feeling–of confidence, power, and beauty

What are you truly passionate about? Do you feel your work reflects your passion?
I feel very blessed that my work is tied to my passion, which is advancing women in the workplace.  We receive a million marketing messages a day making us feel we are supposed to look or be different from who we are.  My goal is to show women that they can look and feel incredible immediately–and not have to wait to lose 10 pounds or change themselves in any way.  Clothing that is high-quality with the right fit makes you feel like a million bucks.

How do you define “success” in your work life?
For me success is seeing the look on my client’s face when she looks at herself in the mirror wearing our pieces.  It’s magical and I always see an immediate boost in confidence! Separate from the Collection, I define success as moving forward and making progress every single day.

Please describe your definition of power?

Power is the ability–using the combination of knowledge, resources and experience–to make a positive impact in the world.

Is it possible for a woman to feel both powerful and pretty? 

Absolutley.  No question.

What do you wear that makes you feel empowered?

My go-to outfit when I want to bring my a-game is a Super 140 navy pinstripe jacket and skirt lined in orange silk, paired with an orange silk shell and some power jewelry.  I feel this look conveys confidence and makes people trust me.

What advice or “mantra” can you offer the woman working on achieving her career goals?

Keep going, don’t stop. There are usually no black and white answers, but tenacity and confidence can get you through a lot.  Also, be thoughtful, deliberate, and most of all, have fun!


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Stylishly yours, Tania Sterl


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