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“Tania came in and transformed my wardrobe. And me. Her whole process is about uncovering who I really am, and what the clothes that fit who I am, not just pretty clothes that fit a person. But really uncovering my spirit, my soul, and my brand. Colors that make me happy and feel good and shine.
Everything changed, even people around me noticed. Even someone in fashion said “I really love how you’re dressing these days.” And my husband is really loving how I’m dressing. Just as important if not more is I feel different. I feel more confident, I feel ready. And feel I’m dressed for who I really am. Thank you, Tania.”

~Sonia Satra, Mindset and Fitness Expert, Award-winning motivational speaker, CEO & Founder of MOTICISE


“I was in a new town with an old wardrobe. My clothing wasn’t fitting where I was now and where my business was going. We did the closet audit and the shopping…and it changed everything. She changed my confidence, how I’m seen. I can’t recommend enough putting in the time and the investment working with Tania for your own brand. When she says ’embody’, it’s a real fit. It’s a fit for your role. I couldn’t be happier with the results. ”

~Jenifer Madson, CEO & Executive Coach, Impact First www.impactfirstleaders.com


Jenny Powers headshot then

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Jenny Powers THEN                                          and NOW

“Getting ready for my photo-shoot to re-brand my website was a daunting prospect. From creative direction to curating wardrobe selections to sourcing accompanying accessories, Tania was an absolute dream come true. 

This was my first time engaging the services of a personal stylist and I hit the jackpot with Tania! She swooped in to the photo-shoot and with military precision began coordinating looks, protecting shoes, even going the extra mile and working on the order of locations with the photographer and through her various antics and enthusiasm putting a genuine smile on my face for the camera. She even loaned me the coat off her back for the photo shoot! 

It was an experience I will never forget and I am so grateful to have shared it with Tania. She was everything I hoped for and a whole lot more. I would definitely recommend her and look forward to future opportunities to work with her again.”

~Jenny Powers, Founder, Running With Heels LLC 




SMith before and after




















Smith Banfield, THEN                                        and NOW

“Working with Tania changed my perspective significantly in the way in which I present myself in business, shop and organize my clothing.

I had 2 upcoming speaking events and didn’t want to stress about what to wear.  Tania was able to pull together outfits that I never would have thought of.  How strange, they are all of my clothes but had a set way of wearing them.  She also helped me let go of a few “guilt” sweaters, that she agreed were not my colors and definitely did not reflect my level of professionalism.

Since working with Tania, shopping has become a dream as we only look as items in my color range that really make me shine.

I highly recommend Tania if you are feeling overwhelmed by your clothes, want an expert to help you understand the most flattering looks for your body type or want to look your best for your next presentation that best represents you and your brand.  It was a great experience overall and will recommend Tania to all of my clients!”

~ Smith Banfield, Interior Stylist and Founder, Clear Space NYC

*Photo credit: Alyssa Peek, Peek Photography






Trenia before and after
















Trenia Parnham THEN                                          and NOW

“As a relationship coach, I wanted to express my brand and expertise on the outside to potential clients, but I hate to shop and had no idea where to start. Working with Tania has truly transformed my look and the way I think about style. Tania’s calm, friendly and fun approach to style made shopping so much more interesting. She really knows how to take you by the hand and create a look that’s just right for you.”

~ Trenia Parnham, Author, Speaker, and Founder of Love,Trenia Inc.


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